Hello H20: Coming to an End

Are you ready kids!? Aye Aye Captain!


Guys! I did it, 13 weeks of drinking water is coming to a close, and I thought I’d check back in to let you all know how it went – I know you care!


So I started off real strong – that novelty and excitement was great. Not only was I drinking more water and feeling more energized it seemed to have this power over me that compelled me to actually go to the gym!? Weird right? And then something else really strange happened, I took a salad to work on Saturday night and ate it while my work bestie devoured a burger from one of the bistros and I didn’t even eat any of her fries!? Strange things were happening to me in those first two weeks. And then, I kind of , sort of, got over it. You know when your mum keeps asking you to clean your room and you kind of want to because its that bad but because its her telling you to do it , you don’t want to do it? That’s basically how I felt by like week 3 or 4. But I persevered and pushed on through. I will say I definitely felt fresher. Who knew water could actually be good for you?! I guess the scientists really do know what they’re talking about!


I definitely found a couple of key differences;

  • I definitely had a lot more energy. This was probably in combination with the exercise I was doing alongside drinking more water, however I definitely noticed waking up early wasn’t as hard and pulling an ‘all dayer’ without a nap seemed a bit easier.


  • Don’t judge me for this one but my skin cleared up a lot. Today is not the day to judge that however. Last week when my body realized that I’d reached that time in the semester where you have a breakdown a day because you have like five assignments due in the space of five days and at least two of those are group assignments and at least one of those groups will be the death of you. So that’s when my skin goes, well we want people to know you’re stressed, so we can organize a visual cue for you to have a serious breakout all over your cheeks and chin so people know where you’re at in life. But besides that, little hiccup, my skin had definitely cleared up a lot.


  • Thirdly, I have to say, when you drink a lot of water, you tend to need to go to the bathroom a lot and what better way to avoid those awkward waiting to get picked to answer something in class moments, than to excuse yourself for the second time that hour to go to the ladies?


So what can we take from this? DRINK MORE WATER! We are so lucky to live in a country where we can walk up to pretty much any single tap and drink water straight from it! How hard is it to simply treat our body right and nourish and replenish and hydrate it! It does not matter how infused your water is or if its in a glass ‘Voss’ bottle. Just drink on up kiddies!


Its been real guys!


And remember, bottoms up!



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