Why watch TV when you can watch the internet?


This week we are discussing the INTERNET! Mind blowing stuff is about to follow kids so strap in and get ready for a discussion about something we discuss on pretty well a daily basis. Well not really, our discussions on the internet happened virtually every minute, well at least mine do; texting is generally in the form of imessage (internet), Facebook (internet), Instagram (internet), Snap Chat (internet).


Do I need to keep going? But I want to look past that to the link between Internet and TV. Now going back a few weeks when I paraded my mother’s own family history of the television I got to recount some major differences between television now and then. This week I have been asked to revisit that same person to discus how the Internet has changed their family’s television space or other practices. Now this may seem like I’m cheating but that family is me!


So let me give you a quick run down of our family members; Mum (Trace), Step-dad (Michael), Me (Lshe), and every now and then my two younger step sisters (Emily, 11 and Sarah, 9). So now that you have a picture of our cute little fam bam let me give you a run down on how we all use the television and how the internet is linked to that usage.


Trace; Good ol’ Trace is so against piracy and anything that constitutes illegality, regardless of its form. She is an old-fashioned Today show and 60 minutes kind of gal, born and bread on channel 9. She’ll occasionally delve into various ABC programs, loves to spend Saturday nights watching RockWiz on SBS. The internet really doesn’t affect her TV usage, if she finds an American TV show, instead of using Netflix or the internet she will actually go into JB HI-FI and buy the series on DVD (I know right, what a waste of money time and energy, in the time it takes her to do that I’m already half a season deep! But that’s Trace in a nutshell).


Michael; Michael is a bit more tech savvy, being an IT analysis for the government means he is way more up to date with the whole Netflix, streaming, etc. thing. Similar to mum his TV habits follow the same as mum, however when it comes to movies he is a bit of a junkie and will use the Internet as his main source. So the Internet definitely does have more of an effect on how he watches television and his use of that space.


Me; Not to toot my own horn, but toot toot, I am 100% without a doubt the main user of data in this family when it comes to watching TV by far.


Majority of my TV watching is done on my computer. Don’t get me wrong, I have no quarrels with sitting on our lounge and watching the News or the Block with the fam after dinner, but at about 9pm most nights I will say to my parents “I’m just going upstairs to do some uni work”, which is known in this family as code for “I’m going to go upstairs and binge watch half a season of whatever TV show I’m currently watching”. I do have a television in my room but it is never used, and I actually mean never! I am much more inclined to sit in bed, or even in the lounge room to watch a TV show on my laptop through my various mechanisms and sources – which are quite extensive may I add. The Internet is my television essentially, and being my age and in my era, we don’t really know what Television is like without the force of the Internet behind it. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t watch Game of Thrones or Suits as soon as they were in aired in the states and I am confident in my generation that a lot of people feel very similar!


The Girls; now the girls being the age that they are aren’t really streaming or binge watching Netflix like the rest of us. HOWEVER, I can honestly say that these girls could put some gamers to shame with their usage of Xbox and Mine Craft. The Xbox is totally hooked up to the net like 2.0 style and they things they can do with it even frightens me. I am just astounded by how the Internet can shape childhood these days.


So, in a nutshell, access to the internet is pretty unrestricted, except for the girls who have a few rules to make sure they still know what dirt and the sun looks like and when I hit our data usage in the first week of the month because Orange is the New Black got released, but that’s besides that point. Not only is internet unrestricted it is in essence a driving force behind our Television space as well and without rambling too much more, it is said that the internet is taking over our lives, now be it bad or good, the net is an intangible asset that most Australian families lives are built around and is, for me at least, an extremely deep and scary concept when considering deconstructing its impact in my life.


Until next time



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