Where am I in space?

Another semester another blogging concept to discuss; this semester will be focusing on the concept of ‘media space’, something I never gave a second thought to, but something that is a dominating if not the whole concept that is my life.


First comes the introduction to my new class of BCM students; I’m Laura, 20, studying a double degree in International Studies and Communication and Media studies, I am a bank teller for NAB, a bartender and a retail assistant and have an acute addiction to travel (which I currently have under control). I am an only child with a massive love for my families, blood and step, and have an obsession with my 2 nephews and documenting their ridiculously cuteness on all of my social media platforms to boast to my friends. This snapshot of my life just scratches the surface of my practice and participation in media space. In one paragraph I have proven its existence in my uni life, work life and personal life and my inability to live without it.


Now lets take a closer look; Doreen Massey, a cultural geographer describes space as the ‘simultaneity of stories-so-far’. Looking at the above facts of my life I can appreciate her idea on a whole new level when looking at how I interact with media on a day-to-day basis. So I go to uni, you’re all so shocked I know! Before I get to uni I have done at least 2 or 3 scrolls through Instagram, Facebook and Snap Chat to get up-to-date with the world, whether it be global news, funny memes that friends have tagged me in or a snap chat from my friend sailing the Greek Islands.


Now that I’m at uni lets be real we all know it doesn’t exist without media so I feel like we can skip right past that one! My job at NAB has me sitting in front of a computer all day; emails, home loans, bank accounts, credit cards etc, its all there in black and white on the internet and it never ends! Secondly when I’m working behind the bar, there it is, the Internet is still there lurking. Out POS system is internet based so there’s that but I can guarantee you that my phone will stay in my back pocket the entire shift so that when my manage isn’t in eyesight of me I can do a quick Facebook and Snap Chat check just to feel connected to the world! Thirdly if I am working in the children’s clothing store I yet again find myself in the space of media; whether it be sorting out orders, searching for new stock, being in my group chat with the rest of my co-workers and our boss or just keeping up to date with my own personal social media. Next I mentioned that I have an acute addiction to travel; hello everyone I follow a hundred different types of travel bloggers, vloggers and social media sites so if in doubt (or just bored) I can guarantee there’s a good chance I’m dreaming about sipping mojito’s in Dubrovnik or Champagne on the French Riviera. Next my family; well if I didn’t make it clear before, I spend a lot of time scrolling aimlessly through media, so its only fair that I contribute every now and then with photos or videos of my own story; family, friends, food, nights out, beaches etc.


After listing all this interaction with media space I’m actually worried I might have an issue.tumblr_o90a6tylfX1sgz07oo2_r1_250

However I want to bring this all back to Doreen’s idea that space is the ‘simultaneity of stories-so-far’. Each space proves a unique domain for each of us whilst connecting us all at the same time. Media space is made up of tools that have been manufactured by IT specialists and experts in media however the actual construct itself is made by us, each one who uses it uniquely.


So until next time, keep on scrolling!


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